Written in response to a prompt. “Who is your Hero(ine)”

You’ve passed them on the sidewalk

that borders every street.

They possess no notable features

to shout their simple feats.


And yet these souls have simple traits,

what comes to mind are three.

They possess not only inner grace

but compassion and empathy.


There are many who feel a hero

is a noted person of deeds

but the everyday folk among us

fulfill simple wants and needs.


My hero was my father

who remained devoted to my mom

while a disease stole her all her memories

until she recognized no one.


My hero is my husband

reading to our son at night.

A simple gesture to be sure

but for my son, it’s pure delight.


My hero is a neighbor

left with four young boys to rear

while coping with her husband’s death

she gallantly perseveres.


My hero is my sister in law,

holding a dying woman’s hand.

refusing to let this gentle soul

pass alone when her time came.


My hero is the tall young man

offering an elderly woman his seat.

My hero is the school girl

who invites a new girl to sit and eat.


All these acts that no one sees

happen each and every day.

By modest folks who simply care.

Heroic in their own quiet way.


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