Blowing in the Wind

We had traveled to Canada for a wedding. When we left Florida, the weather was balmy, slightly humistalks of graind and every afternoon hosted a summer storm passing through. As we drove up through Georgia, Tennessee then Kentucky the weather became crisper and reminiscent of autumn although we were in early June.

We arrived days before the blessed event, spending time with wonderful friends, enjoying a concert and countryside. One of my favorite pastimes when in an unfamiliar locale is to just drive…..just take and hour or two, point the car in a somewhat familiar direction and cruise. The area we visited is in the province of Ontario and beautiful farms dotted the back country roads. The one thing many had in common were the type of brick/stone used in the buildings. The common thread were bricks, the rich, soft color of coffee with cream: the houses, some of the barns and the out buildings. I must have driven for almost forty miles before consulting the GPS in my phone to find my way back to our friends home.

The route led me to a railroad crossing and just as I approached the guard rails lowered and a freight train lumbering leisurely along blocked the route. Next to me happened to be this amazing field of, what I think was wheat. In any case the crop abutted the road and these stalks simply waved in the breeze. I couldn’t help not taking a picture of the them. They were thick, bushy and heavy with seeds.

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